Selling through us

Tuulikki II Att Salja Genom Oss

Shipsforsale Sweden has over 30 years experience of ship sales with emphasis on all types of small and medium sized commercial tonnage. Our primary market is northern Europe, but every year we sell a large number of vessels to and from other countries worldwide.

What can we offer as brokers?

We regularly advertise in most of the world's leading maritime magazines and publications. Not many commercial ship brokers are advertising with our frequency and wide range of publications. We are always trying to find new magazines to run adverts in and listen to suggestions for new ways of marketing a vessel.

Our website has 2-3 million hits every month with each vessel specification being viewed about 5000 times per month, sometimes attractive vessels are viewed 20.000 times a day. These statistics put us among the most visited single ship broker sites in the world. Apart from our own website, we list our vessels in many of the international maritime and brokerage portals on the internet.

We have an e-mail newsletter that is subscribed to by tens of thousands of prospective buyers. Every new vessel put out for sale is circulated to this list. This newsletter, combined with the possibility to view full details including recent photos, gives us the ability to instantly circulate a vessel to potential ship buyers and brokers worldwide. We believe we have the most attractive website in Scandinavia and it is often praised for the amount of pictures and details provided.

What are our conditions?

We need to be the sole broker of your vessel. Any other broker working actively to find buyers for your vessel will need to have a co-brokerage agreement with us. Regardless of who ends up buying the vessel, commission shall be rewarded to us.

We always do a full on location inspection and documentation of our listed vessels and we require that the Seller pays for travel expenses and in some cases lodging. We always try to make it as fast as possible to cut travel costs. We need to know as much as possible in regards to the vessels history to make a fair assessment of it's value. We will copy all certificates, hull surveys, plans etc. When we visit the vessel it should be clean and tidy to make for good photographs. The vessel needs to be ready for a short sea trial. A good picture of the vessel at sea is crucial for successful advertising.

Yacht brokers standard commission is between 8%-12% and the brokers of larger commercial ships is typically 0,5%-2,5%. We have put ourselves in between those figures, at 6%.

Right now we are short of geared cargo vessels, small Ice Class tractor tugs, small car ferries and hopper barges to sell. We see that we have more buyers than we have ships and lately, several agreements are completed before we have had time to put them on the website. If you are looking to buy a ship, please contact us. Do you need to sell your ship, please contact us.

Please call or email if you wish to list your vessel with us or would like to discuss our terms and ideas for marketing your vessel.